a proper seat for Mars

Humanity is on the verge of implementing a base on Mars, and this adventure comes with many challenges. One is to live in a low gravity environment leading to the dissolution of muscles and bones. To reduce those physiological impacts and allow a safer return to Earth, Mars Bar proposes a novel way of sitting.

By using a lightweight aluminum structure enveloped in polyurethane foam, its resting position keep a slight unbalance forcing the use of the back muscles and legs and thus preserving their integrity. Even if this system is more subtle than active exercises and electrical impulsions it is a non invasive additional solution.

The materials used also allow Mars Bar to be packed under vacuum reducing the shipping cost.

Even is this project is more vital on Mars, it is still a relevant solution to the nowadays issue we have with regular sitting here on Earth.

material: Aluminum / Polyurethane foam / Rubber / Polyoxymethylene


Mars Bar June 2018




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