A universal LED lamp, fully recyclable.

Since a decade the LED industry has been booming due to environmental interest and energy efficiency. However this new technology being deprived of standard shapes and sizes, most LEDs are soldered to a chip making the whole product obsolete if a component is faulty.

Ohm is a universal LED lamp, allowing the use of any low voltage LED through a low-tech and reliable system.

The current is passing through the structure, allowing the switch to become a simple piece of conductive felt.

The same felt is used to connect the LED to the structure, reducing to the maximum the amount of element and variety of material used. This simplicity allows the lamp to be easily unmounted, discarded and recycle.

Ohm is made with the idea of versatility and optimization, aiming to survive the obsolescence of the technology it is using.

material: anodized aluminum / Nylon / conductive PET Felt / Flatpack design


Ohm December 2018


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